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Volume 8, Number 3  March 3 - April 1, 2011

Sonoma County Gardener's Resource Guide

It's Time to Welcome SPRING


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Sonoma County Gardener Resource Guide

Each year, while publishing this guide to support Sonoma County garden businesses, I meet new people. Some are new to the industry and some are simply new to me. See that photograph on the cover? Having this image is the result of getting into a conversation with Joan Humberstone.

I was updating the information for Lone Pine Gardens, and we got to talking. One thing led to another while we chatted, so when I asked if she had any photographs of Lone Pine's gardens, she sent me images that blew me away.

Not only are the gardens astoundingly beautiful, the quality of Joan's photographs are impressive to say the least. So I asked for more, and high resolution, so I could publish some. She was the answer to my prayers.


Ban the Bag?

Ban the Bag?

By Mary Munat,

A free public forum investigating single-use bags in Sonoma County - paper as well as plastic - was held on February 2 at the Santa Rosa City Hall. Sponsored by North Bay Corporation, and organized by Sonoma County-based, the forum drew over 100 people, including several elected representatives.

A worldwide movement away from the plastic carriers was outlined by Keynote Speaker Carol Misseldine of Green Cities California, who presented economic, social and environmental supporting evidence from around the country and beyond.

The retailer's view is that any ordinance needs to impact all stores evenly, not merely the larger grocery stores, as explained by Safeway's Susan Houghton, Northern California Director of Public and Governmental Affairs.

Paper Bags, too

While the general focus of bans around the country and the world has been plastic bags, paper bags featured largely in this discussion as equally environmentally harmful.

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Don't Blame Public Employees

Don't Blame Public Employees

Sonoma County Public Employees Blamed for Budget Deficit

By Martin J. Bennett

A recent article in the Economist magazine titled "Tough Times for Everyone - Except Public Sector Workers" states that taxpayers are now learning about "the banquet public sector workers have been having at the expense of everyone else" and that many public employees can "retire in their mid-50s on close to full pay."

These unsubstantiated claims--repeated endlessly in media--stand reality on its head. Such accusations are part of a systematic campaign by corporate America to mislead taxpayers and scapegoat public employees.

California public sector workers, such as teachers, public health nurses, firefighters, librarians, maintenance, park, transit, and social workers are not responsible for the economic crisis that makes drastic cuts to state and local governments necessary. These public employees earn modest, middle-class pay and benefits.

Rather, it was big business and the wealthy who gamed the deregulated financial system to make huge profits. Their speculation in the home mortgage markets triggered The Great Recession; then they proceeded to take billions in bailouts from the government; and last year, Wall Street's leading investment and financial services firms paid out a record $144 billion in compensation and benefits. These same corporate interests adamantly refuse to pay their fair share for vital public services or education.

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