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Volume 8, Number 2  February 3 - March 3, 2011

Many Ways to Love

Many Ways to Love

By Vesta Copestakes

Our annual LOVE issue is one of my favorites of the year. I'm in love with love and all its ramifications. I have a fervent belief that if we all treated each other the way we wish to be treated, our world would be just fine. Yes, I know it's totally unrealistic in its simplicity. It seems so simple, and yet, so very complicated when anger rises in our chest, indignation...any number of emotions that take us away from a centered place.

Love is not just romantic love of course. And kindness goes hand-in-hand with consideration, and even that is not simple. Consideration involves thinking ahead to the consequences of our actions. If we do this...then that will happen. And another one...if we don't do this, than that won't happen.

A simple example of the last one is part of why I have articles on financial planning in this love issue. I know of two young families who lost a parent recently. One to illness, the other to an accident. These parents did not have life insurance. This left the other parent financially alone to continue raising their children.

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Jenner Estuary Management Project EIR

Jenner Estuary Management Project EIR

Is this the RIGHT Plan?

With all the best of intentions, Sonoma County is setting a plan in place to save fish and water. Our January issue educated readers on the Russian River Estuary Management Project, encouraging Sonoma County residents to learn why this plan was developed, and asking readers to submit comments on the Environmental Impact Report that has now been published.

With the deadline for comments upon us, the following series of articles have been submitted by readers who want to keep this conversation going. If you missed last issue, please read the two articles on our website - Past Editions - (Jenner Estuary Project and article above) January edition, and the articles that follow.

Like all projects intended to save our environment, there are pluses and minuses to each attempt we make to correct past mistakes that have altered nature's intent at the will of humans.

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Just Plain Wrong

Just Plain WRONG

Dutra Asphalt Plant Challenged in Lawsuit

Frinds of Schollenberger

Frustrated and Disappointed by Supervisors' Approval The City of Petaluma and a large coalition of citizen groups and individuals have filed a lawsuit challenging the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors' flawed approval on December 14, 2010, of the Dutra Haystack Landing Asphalt and Recycling Plant. The Plaintiffs maintain that the Dutra Asphalt Plant would blight the gateway to Sonoma County and Petaluma, harm the health of residents, businesses and visitors, and negatively impact the development of our local and regional economy. The factory would injure and discourage birds, fish and wildlife which use the Petaluma River and Marsh. Plaintiffs also assert that the Dutra factory operations would also destroy the peace, beauty and appeal of the very popular and adjacent Shollenberger Park.

After actively participating in the County's review and approvals process over the past three years, the City of Petaluma, community organizations including the Petaluma River Council, Friends of Shollenberger Park, Madrone Audubon Society and Petaluma Tomorrow, along with thousands of individual citizens, are frustrated and disappointed that this project has been approved. The Plaintiffs have exhausted all other remedies with the County, and are now seeking judicial review of the approvals process and the impacts of the project itself.

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