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Small Shops of Sonoma County

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Volume 7, Number 12  December 2 - January 6, 2011

Small Shops of Sonoma County

8th Annual Shopping Tour

Small Shops of Sonoma County

By Vesta Copestakes

Welcome to my annual mission to inspire holiday shoppers to hit the roads in Sonoma County and explore small cities and small towns - out-of-the-way stores and businesses owned by local entrepreneurs.

I know - plenty of our local people work for large corporate stores. But the percentage of their hard-earned dollars that stays in our home is small. Our money needs to stay here to repair roads, pay for childrens' education, purchase support services like fire fighters, police and the small army of individuals it takes to maintain this place we call HOME!

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Product Stewardship Endorsed by Sonoma County

SHARE Responsibility for Products

Product Stewardship endorsed by Sonoma County

Waste, toxics reduction will protect taxpayers and ratepayers

Last month, the Cloverdale City Council adopted a resolution supporting Product Stewardship, making Sonoma the first county in California in which all of the incorporated cities, the county board of supervisors and the Sonoma County Waste Management Agency (SCWMA) have formally supported Product Stewardship policy. Product Stewardship is a policy approach that requires product manufacturers to share in the responsibility for end-of-life management for the products they produce.

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Childcare Saved for Working Parents

Child Care SAVED for Working Parents!

Child Care SAVED for Working Parents!

Alameda County Superior Court Judge Wynne Carvill approved a groundbreaking settlement in November which preserves child care services for the families of more than 56,000 California children. These services are for working parents who have transitioned off welfare but whose wages are still too low to cover child care.

The settlement came in a lawsuit filed by Parent Voices, Oakland and four California mothers who were told that their child care assistance, known as CalWORKs Stage 3 child care, would end on November 1. In a last-minute veto, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger cut that entire program from the budget, creating havoc for thousands of people who were suddenly forced to choose between keeping their jobs and staying off welfare or taking care of their children.

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