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Volume 7, Number 5  May 1 - June 3, 2010

Seeking Artists at their Source

Gravel Mining on Roblar Road
Gravel Mining
on Roblar Road. Who Really Benefits?

On April 1, Sonoma County's Planning Commission approved the plan of developer North Bay Construction to mine gravel from 70 acres on Roblar Road in the West County and truck it over preserved open space land for the next twenty years. Final approval of this project is now up to the Board of Supervisors.

Please join Citizens Advocating Rural Roblar Quality (CARRQ) and other community groups to stop this quarry. It's a terrible plan. If approved, North Bay Construction will have a green light to develop industrial mining and asphalt recycling operations immediately adjacent to the closed County landfill and preserved agricultural land. Just a few years ago, The County arranged for taxpayers to pay the same developer nearly $2.3 million through the Open Space District to PRESERVE the land next to the proposed quarry. Now the County wants to permit North Bay Construction to drive a MILLION gravel trucks during the twenty year project lifespan across a portion of this preserved land and over miles of neighborhood roads.

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Defending Home
Defending Home
By Vesta Copestakes

I've used that headline a few times over the last decade. Some times we're referring to Water Wars and sometimes it's developers. Things got quiet for a while with the downturn in the economy, but in the mean time, individuals with plans for our future are back. Some have been literally stockpiling money, while others have become desperate for action with investors and banks at their back.

Windsor and Healdsburg have been fighting a school and fire house. The eastern valley is fighting a winery. At the south end of Sonoma County, Petaluma fought - and lost -- to Target and is battling to keep a new quarry from going in next to the landfill (see Roblar Road Quarry article). And in Forestville the fight continues over the Forestville Town Square Project which got put on hold and is back on the books again.

These battles divide our communities...the Pros vs. Cons. While some people see growth as healthy for the economy, others see it as devastating their vision of home.

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