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Volume 7, Number 3   March 4 - April 1, 2010

Sonoma County Nurseries and Gardeners Tour

Sonoma County Nurseries and Gardener's Guide 2010

This is our 7th Annual Guide to Gardening in Sonoma County... including gardening resources located from Sonoma to the Coast and from Cloverdale to Tomales. Articles written by landscaping professionals educate you on why purchasing plant materials from local sources is important, tree care, intensive farming, invasive imported pants and native species, and more.

This self-guided tour is designed to entice gardeners to explore Sonoma County's locally owned nurseries and to do business with local professionals.

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Abuse Laws On Trial
Abuse Laws on Trial
The Aaron Vargas Case
By Vesta Copestakes

Abuse of every kind... physical, mental, emotional is wrong. That's an easy judgment to make... a simple right vs. wrong. Most people think of abuse in physical terms - he beats her, etc. That's the kind that gets in the news. But it's often more subtle than that - hidden behind curtains of shame so we don't even recognize the symptoms, often until it's too late.

On March 22 Aaron Vargas goes to trial for killing his abuser. He took an antique weapon and shot the man who abused him since he was 11, then waited until he died. Aaron wasn't the only person Darrell McNeill abused over the years. One victim committed suicide, others have come forward to tell their tale. In a small community, it's easy to see why people kept their shame to themselves. But not all did, and that's where the case crosses a line into a matter of law and justice.

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Supes Vote on Dutra
Public Hearing on Dutra Plant Supervisors to Vote
Tuesday, March 16, 2010, 1:30 pm

Sonoma County Board of Supervisors
575 Administration Drive, Room 100 A
Santa Rosa, CA 95403

Does Sonoma County need Dutra's proposed asphalt plant on the Petaluma River opposite Shollenberger Park? Dutra says it does, that there are no significant health or environmental risks, and that their newly modified proposals for barge mooring and offloading nullifies concerns about navigability and dredging of the channel. According to Dutra, its production of tonnage is necessary for federal funding for dredging, keeping the river navigable.

These contentions are disputed by numerous local citizens, public bodies and environmental groups, contending that Dutra's statements are not trustworthy and that potential harms to human health, wildlife, the air, roads and river are huge. The Petaluma City Council has urged a "no" vote by the Supervisors, citing these concerns as well as visibility from the freeway at the southern gateway to the city and county.

Shollenberger Park is part of a historic wetland area, painstakingly restored to support wetland species of birds, plants, mammals, fish, and invertebrates, and at the same time to filter impaired water going to San Francisco Bay. At the same time, it provides an area for dredged river sediments. Last month, National Geographic's Sustainable Tourism Website announced that Petaluma Wetlands has been selected as a geo-tourism destination.

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