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Volume 6, Number 12   December 10 - January 7, 2010

The Art of Giving

The Art of Giving & Receiving
By Vesta Copestakes

Many years ago I was offered a rather extravagant gift and felt unprepared to receive such generosity. It's so easy to give and so challenging to receive some times! I was asked to stand on the other side of that gift and feel the joy this generous heart was feeling as he handed the package to me. He wanted me to receive graciously and just assume he saw me as worthy of such a fine object.

In the Season of Giving, it helps to step across the line to the receiving side and feel what it's like from the recipient's perspective. Do they feel joy? Do they feel overwhelmed by the gift. Do they feel obligated by the expectations attached to their response? Do they get the impression that you know who they are... their needs and desires?

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Lawsuit Imminent over Fish Kills
Killing Salmon and Steelhead
in Russian and Gualala Rivers

Northern California River Watch of Sebastopol, Coast Action Group of Gualala, and the national environmental group The Center for Biological Diversity, sent notice of intent to sue California's State Water Resources Control Board for authorizing water diversions that harm federally protected salmon and steelhead trout in the Russian River and Gualala River watersheds. The water board is violating the Endangered Species Act by permitting water diversions in Mendocino and Sonoma counties, primarily for vineyards, that adversely affect salmon. "River Watch is hopeful that this notice will protect the last of the species and ultimately allow the restoration of fish runs," said River Watch member Larry Hanson.

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Wildlife Trustfund
Wildlife Trust Fund
California State Parks Wildlife Conservation Trust Fund Act of 2010
By Michele Luna, Executive Director, Stewards of the Coast and Redwoods

On November 3rd a proposed statewide ballot measure was filed with the Attorney General's office. The "California State Parks and Wildlife Conservation Trust Fund Act of 2010, would create a stable, reliable and adequate source of funding to protect state parks and conserve California wildlife." - From the California State Park Foundation's website

Initiative Basics:

The State Parks and Wildlife Conservation Trust Fund ("Trust Fund") revenues could only be spent on state parks, wildlife, natural lands and ocean conservation programs.

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