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Volume 6, Number 4   April 16 - May 14, 2009

Love your Mother. Celebrating Life on this Planet.

Celebrating Life on this Planet...
Earth Day... April 22nd
Mother's Day... May 10th
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Russian River Unreliable as Summer Water Source
Unreliable Water
Russian River Unreliable as Summer Water Source
By Brenda Adelman

The Sonoma County Water Agency (SCWA) came to Guerneville again last month. In February they arrived with an army of staff to inform us of their plans to divert an extra 26,000 acre feet (AF) from Lake Sonoma for their water customers. In mid-March a few key staff came to warn us about diminished water supplies and lowered flows. It seemed like a contradiction, and I reported earlier that it was, but now there are several new twists.

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Greening Your Home with No Money Down
Greening Your Home
With No Money Down
By Patricia Dines

On the surface, Sonoma County's new $100 million Energy Independence Program (SCEIP) seems simple enough, offering property owners government financing to install solar equipment and improve energy and water efficiency.

Yet, hiding beneath this mild-mannered exterior, lies a powerful tool to help us solve some of our most urgent shared problems. I've been watching this program emerge for a while, so I'm delighted to finally be able to tell you about its special features.

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