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Volume 5, Number 12   December 11 - January 15, 2009

Falling in Love with Fish and Forests

Falling in Love with Fish and Forests
& Why it's Important
Environmental Awareness Promotes Water Conservation
By Vesta Copestakes

Making the connection between the health of our environment and our water supply is essential if we, as humans, are to survive in concert with the critters. Every life form is dependent upon water. If we are to thrive, they too, must thrive.

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Traveling to Promote Peace
Traveling to Promote Peace
Global Student Embassy Promotes Peace - Sebastopol
By Jasper Oshun

The Global Student Embassy (GSE) is a project that seeks to build a cross cultural dialogue between students in Sebastopol and their counterparts in Santa Fe, Argentina, and Zurite, Peru. The project, started in September, is beginning to catch the attention of our community.

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Sonoma County Prepares for Eco-Tourism
Sonoma County prepares for Eco-Tourism
By Dawn E. Bell

Several years ago a group of people in the Sonoma County tourist industry realized that they needed to do something to extend tourism year-round so that our town's economy wouldn't rise and fall with the summer season…to have jobs extend throughout the year so the local economy could be more stable. Knowing that our greatest asset is the beauty of our land and sea and that our population is ecologically conscious and concerned, they created EcoRing, to encourage Eco-Tourism as a solution to both economic needs as well as environmental concerns.

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