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Volume 5, Number 11   November 18 - December 13, 2008

Sonoma County Small Town Shopping Tour

Our Home Towns Economic Stimulus Plan
Shop Locally to Keep Our Communities Healthy
By Vesta Copestakes

Every year just before the Holidays, I take readers on a tour of the small shops and small towns in my newspaper distribution route - from Healdsburg to the north to Valley Ford to the south, out along the coast and all the small towns in between. I introduce my favorite people and stores because I want shoppers to see the value of shopping locally - to meet the people they support with their shopping dollars. When we shop locally we not only support our neighbors and community, we also gain the pleasure of discovering people and places in our home turf, seeing wide open spaces, waves crashing on beaches, sheep bouncing on hills - flowers blooming along side the road - it's a muti-dimensional experience.

This version of the Tour is my original text that had to be edited for the print version. Over time I will come back, add items, add photos and we blinks to the full list of businesses if they have one. In the mean time - this will get you started.

Enjoy this beautiful place we call home.

Sonoma County Small Town Shopping Tour »

The reason I publish my annual Small Town Shopping Tour is to encourage people to shop locally - to support the people who are our neighbors who run businesses that serve our needs. It's personal. The article article below gets into the economic advantages of shopping locally. Once you understand that it costs LESS in the long run - benefits your home MORE in the long and short run, you see that shopping locally is more than just supporting our neighbors - it's supporting our local economy as well. Please learn the benefits outlined below. We'll have more as time goes on. - Vesta

A New Twist on Going Local
by Jay Beckwith

More and more we hear how important it is to "shop local." Most of us get that message and try to patronize our local shops as much as we can. But let's face it, the allure of going to the big box store and getting so much stuff for what appears to be a lot less money is terribly attractive.

A New Twist on Going Local »

Sonoma County's Steelhead Beach SAVED!
by Brenda Adelman

Steelhead Beach Saved

For the last several months a group of dedicated volunteers met every month to work toward saving Sonoma County Regional Park's Steelhead Beach from becoming a wastewater discharge site for the City of Santa Rosa. They collected more than 4,000 signatures on petitions for the purpose of showing public support. In the end - both this very public effort, spear-headed by Brenda Adelman of the Russian River Watershed Protection Committee, and the efforts of this group of volunteers, succeeded, in part because of them, and in part, because the City decided this alternative would be too expensive. Bottom line - Steelhead Beach is saved!

Sonoma County's
Steelhead Beach Saved »

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