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Volume 5, Number 8   August 14 - September 18, 2008

Vacation at Home Part 3

Vacation at Home
Summer Series
Welcome Home - Part 3...
By Alan Joseph

Here we go again, another unsolicited testimonial for exploring the wonders in our own back yard. After the first two tours, I have been cornered by enthusiastic readers who advise, "You should try..." or "The best place is...." So I am offering up a double feature of reader recommendations along with some of my favorites. Find Star #1 on the handy map, fire up your pony and let's get rolling.

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Russian River at Risk... Yet Again
Continued Gravel Mining Threatens Our River Valley Aquifer
By Dennis Hill and Chris DeBeneditti
Westside Association to Save Agriculture

For more than 20 years farmers and residents along the Middle Reach of the Russian River Valley have been fighting the devastating effects of gravel mining in the terraces. Thirty percent of the aquifer has been destroyed over the last 40 years from gravel mining. Now it is beginning to negatively affect groundwater flow and wine grape quality.

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Steelhead Beach
Wastewater Discharge Site?
By Brenda Adelman

The name of the park, Steelhead Beach, conjures up visions of fishermen crowding the beaches in anticipation of their catch. Steelhead runs were legend on the Russian River and are all but gone now. And so are most of the fishermen. No longer do you see the river crowded with men (and some women) in hip boots, throwing their long lines into the running waters, hoping to snag a beautiful fish that they knew were just waiting for them. Fish stories were abundant prior to the 1990’s at King’s Bait and Tackle, and Pat's Restaurant nearby. But times have changed.

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