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Volume 5, Number 6   June 12 - July 17, 2008

Sonoma County Backroads

Vacation at Home
Summer Series - Sonoma county Backroads
Two Wheel Tours - Part 1... taking you on our favorite Motorcycle Rides in Sonoma County & Beyond - and yes - they're great on 4 wheels as well!
~ The Coastal Loop ~
By Alan Joseph

I just flew in from the coast and boy, are my arms tired. It's an old joke, but I just rode my motorcycle out to Bodega Bay and was struck by the beauty in our own back yard. I've been riding Sonoma County roads since 1974 and it's time to share what I love most about where we live.

Welcome to my unsolicited testimonial for local touring. Don't have time and money for a vacation? Well, "I'm a wanna tella you", the solution is just around the bend... along the back roads of Sonoma County. I know, I know, some of you don't ride a motorcycle. It's ok, just load yourself, your friends, families and pets into your favorite mode of transportation and enjoy the trip anyway.

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Please Help!
5000 Hungry People
The Interchurch Pantry served at least 5000 people a year before the increase in patronage from nearby areas such as Graton, Occidental, and Freestone as well as Sebastopol.
By Cecile Lusby

Have you shopped for groceries lately? Did you feel a shock at the cash register, but write your check anyway? Use the debit card? Here in West Sonoma County, there are people taking the grocery cart back through the aisles to return itemsó people who cannot pay for food after the fifteenth of the month. They are the new clients at Sebastopol's Interchurch Pantry: the working poor.

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Oh What a Night!!!
The City Council hearing on the Sebastopol Northeast Plan will be continued on Tuesday, June 17th at the Community Center. This is becoming a virtual filibuster! Stand up and be counted!

On June 3rd a huge crowd of 200 people showed up for the second night of public testimony on the Sebastopol Northeast plan. Citizens, informed and encouraged by the Sebastopol Preservation Coalition, SPC, spoke out, loud and clear, against the proposed Northeast Area Plan.

At the May 20th meeting, 23 people spoke in opposition to the Plan with reasoned, logical and impassioned arguments. NO ONE voiced their support.

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