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Volume 5, Number 5   May 15, 2008 - June 12, 2008

Farmers Markets

Delighting in Our Delicious Local Farms

By Patricia Dines

Today, I ate my first strawberry in many months, freshly picked from a local organic farm. From the first bite, my tastebuds and body were filled with joy about everything that's amazing in life. All was well. But wait, you might ask, couldn't I have had strawberries over the winter? Well, sure, if I wanted them shipped from halfway around the world, puffed up, and tasting like cardboard. But why would I eat those, when this awaits...?

I'm even more delighted that this sinfully sensuous synchronizing with the seasons also nurtures the planet, my community, my health - and often my wallet! Plus I get to know and support my neighbors. Now that's the good life!

But Why?

We're often encouraged to buy from local farmers (especially organic ones), but it's been fun for me to understand more about how this really does help create a healthier life and world. This simple act allows us to:

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Tom "Manure Man" Lynch
The True Story of a River Folk Hero
By Brad L. Smith

"Action from principle - the perception and the performance of right - changes things and relations; ... For it matters not how small the beginning may seem to be: what is once well done is done forever." Henry David Thoreau, 1849 Essay on Civil Disobedience.

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Tom Manure man Lynch

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