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Volume 5, Number 2   February 14, 2008 - March 13, 2008

Effecting Change

Effecting Change
Our Efforts Are Paying Off
By Vesta Copestakes

I've attended a few meetings lately that having instilled hope in my heart that there are real results from our time and attention to community issues. One meeting was held to gather input from the community on what to do with our wastewater now that two Russian River communities are no longer planning on pumping sewage to massive centrally located sewage treatment plants. The other meeting was about the intersection of Hwy 116 and Mirabel Road in downtown Forestville where our community has been urging both CalTrans and the County to build a roundabout instead of a four-way signal. In both cases, our presence, our consistent message to the forces-that-be about what WE want, has opened doors. I know that there are other factors in there as well - but we need to congratulate ourselves on the change of plans that is a direct result of our input.

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Media Hero Award
WCG Publisher Vesta Copestakes Honored for Commitment to Community

NOTE: I'm giving this front page prominence because it goes hand-hand with my Effecting Change article. It's all about YOU - WCG Readers and Contributors. I happen to be a graphic designer and marketing professional who fell into publishing a newspaper by some wonderful twist of fate. I have no interest in being a traditional newspaper so this paper took on its own life. I am thoroughly impressed with the material I receive every month both in volume and quality. The on-line edition is going to have to take on more to absorb it all. YOU are the story - YOU are what has made this newspaper what it is today. Thank You - every one of you!

Vesta Copestakes has received the 2007 Media Hero Award from Karen Pierce Gonzalez Public Relations for her outstanding work in the community she serves.

Copestakes, publisher of the Sonoma County Gazette has grown the former Forestville Gazette 12 page paper with a circulation of 4,000 to a 48 page production that boasts a circulation of 16,000 and can be found on more than 200 newsstands.

The Gazette is entirely reliant on articles written by readers. For her success in creating a forum where community members are encouraged to share their voice, Copestakes was recently recognized as the recipient of the 2007 Media Hero Award.

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Observers Notes;
Report from Supervisor Candidate Forum
By Nancy Jo Wood

The audience of over 200 people packed the room at the Sebastopol Veterans building on the last Saturday in January to listen to six of the candidates for the Sonoma County 5th District Supervisor race. The first forum of its kind was sponsored by SOS (Save Our Sonoma County) and the Atascadero Creek Watershed group. This very well thought out two hour venue organized by these two groups was not given credit in the January PD (Press Democrat) newspaper following Sunday paper article. I would like to remedy this and comment on the content of the forum.

The candidates available this day were: Rue Furch, Maddy Hirshfield, Dan Kahane, Tom Lynch, Jim Maresca, and Guy Smith. Additional candidates are joining the race with a deadline in March and voting day in June. The candidates attending this day ended up being on a similar page on the environmental questions which were the focus, but the most interesting part was listening and observing the candidates as they responded to previewed questions prepared by the organizers of which they had to respond in a one minute time frame. There were opening and closing statements by each candidate, and a few pop-questions chosen from audience written requests.

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