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January 2012

Wake Up and Smell the Coffee

WAKE UP! & Smell the Coffee!

In Search of Small Independently-Owned Shops Full of Flavor & Personality

By Vesta Copestakes

Before I delve into this article - I want to apologize to the coffee shops left out of the print edition. There's one thing about publishing that teaches you the Serenity Prayer to "accept the things I cannot change." Once that file is sent off to the printer, there's no turning back! That's the beauty of the web. Here I can update this list as people send me corrections. I have added comments, hours and web sites - just let me know what you want added...and I will! In the mean time, please enjoy holding my paper edition in your hands...please support my advertisers so I can keep supporting our home with articles Written by Readers - and we'll all be happy! Enjoy this resource guide to Sonoma County Coffee Shops, and e-mail me with any corrections or additions.

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Wanta Job? MAKE one...

Want a Job? MAKE one...

Sonoma County Entrepreneurs Create Jobs - Their Own!

By Vesta Copestakes

Sounds easy - and quite honestly - it's easier than you think. The key ingredients are motivation and self-discipline. Without those two elements you will fail. With them, you can do anything. I know...I've been self-employed most of my adult life.

Many people are creating their own businesses doing what they love. That's key. There are some jobs - like sales - where money can be a big enough motivator to get you going every morning. But if money doesn't get you excited beyond paying bills, you have to explore your heart to find what will give you the drive to push forward, day after day, until you succeed.

In Sebastopol, a group of entrepreneurs have formed the Sebastopol Entrepreneurs Project where people who have "been there and done that" help others who are just getting started. One of the most common motivators is food...people who love to cook are starting a catering business, restaurant or becoming a food vendor. They rent commercial kitchens and get to work. Here's one that might inspire more...

Sonoma County Entrepreneurs Create Jobs - Their Own! »

SMART in on Track Now

SMART Train on Track for Train & Bike Trail

By Ben Boyce
Accountable Development Coalition

This last week, a lively rally to support the SMART train and bike pathway drew over a hundred folks at the San Rafael city hall. We were there to celebrate the sale of nearly $200M in bonds that will permit construction to begin early next year, creating over 900 jobs.

The train has now left the station. For more than two decades the transit community has been working with local government to stand up a multi-modal, integrated transit system for the North Bay. The challenge of the 21st century will be to rationalize and regionalize our basic life-support systems: land, water, energy resources sustaining eco-systems, housing and transportation. SMART is the natural next step in building the transportation infra-structure for a sustainable future in the North Bay region.

All around us we can see the effects and consequences of The Great Recession. It is not a surprise that the roll-out of SMART has been delayed by the Wall Street crisis. The new SMART General Manager, the estimable Farhad Mansourian, has pledged publicly that he will deliver this project, in full. We will get the whole train line and the regional trail with it. The SMART rail and trail is a classic example of a good long-term investment that will generate jobs and economic activity now, and will yield substantial benefits for generations to come. This is exactly the kind of infra-structure investment that we need to get America back to work building for future generations.

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